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This tutorial will show you all how to play Black Nuke with an already patched Zero Hour.

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Alright, so I've had some people tell me that they want to play the mod, but they already have Zero Hour patched to 1.04 and don't want to degrade Zero Hour and not be able to play other mods.


1. Rename your Zero Hour directory folder. "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour" to "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour1" Or whatever you want to name it.

2. Boot the uninstall program for Zero Hour (You're not uninstalling Zero Hour), but don't uninstall, where it asks you to uninstall, select the "Repair" option, this will re-install the game into the default directory (the one you renamed).

3. Now you have 2 Zero Hour Directories, one patched, one not. So you can switch between non-patched mods and already patched Zero Hour.

4. Basically, now that you have done this, you can play Black Nuke on your new, unpatched Zero Hour, and if you want to play other mods like ShW, ROTR, whatever... just rename the unpatched Zero Hour directory to whatever, and rename the patched Zero Hour directory to its original name. And if you want to play Black Nuke again, do vice versa...

WHALA! Easy mod switching! Hope this helps you guys.

NOTE: Remember, you MUST have a Zero Hour directory that isn't renamed to play Zero Hour properly. For example, if both your directories aren't named "Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour", the engine will not be able to find the game and it will not start. If you want to play Black Nuke, be SURE to rename your PATCHED directory to something else, and your UNPATCHED directory to "Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour". This way, if you try to start the game, it will read the UNPATCHED, Black Nuke version of the game and run it smoothly. If you don't want to play Black Nuke and want to play some other mod, RENAME the UNPATCHED directory to something else, and RENAME your PATCHED directory to the default so the game will recognize the folder.

When you install the unpatched, fresh Zero Hour, it will try to make a saved games and maps folder in your "My Documents".

So before you install the unpatched version, go to MY DOCUMENTS> Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data, and rename that, so a new, unpatched one can be placed in there. You will then have 2 of those data folders as well. So, like the directories, rename the unpatched and patched versions of the ZH data as you play.

I know this is tedious reading and alot to do, but it will be worth it in the end. If you have any questions at all about this topic and tutorial, please PM me and I will try my very best to help you.


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