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Installation instructions below. Follow these instructions closely.

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Install instructions

This mod does not work for RoE as far as I know. Try that at your own risk until I test it out. To install for Doom 3, open the zipped "overzealous 1.1-zip" folder you downloaded. Inside, there is a folder named "overzealous 1.1 - Copy - Copy". Take this folder and copy and paste it or drag it into your Doom 3 install directory, (the place on your computer where you have doom 3 installed). Once the folder is extracted, run Doom 3, go to open your mods from the main menu, and select Overzealous 1.1.0. Load up a new game or map, and enjoy. Make sure you have ALL pk4 files from the Overzealous folder in order for everything to work properly.

-Notify me of any bugs or crashes that occur. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can reach me at, or comment here on this mod page.

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