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As part of the OMG Christmas update I wrote an in depth and comprehensive tutorial to installing, configuring, and getting a game for the Operation Market Garden modification.

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Operation Market Garden is a based on a simple concept, persistent multi-player games. However,
few players know what persistence means in a video game environment, and those few words fail to show the depth of the modification. For all intents and purposes we transform Company of Heroes into a multi-player online role playing real time strategy game (MORPRTSG), which is quite a mouthful, so we just call it persistent. This tutorial will help you install, register, and jump into your first Operation Market Garden game.


Operation Market Garden uses a plethora of tools to turn Company of Heroes into a persistent game. We've made a sleek; easy to use website and web based interface for managing the meta-game. We've developed a quick and simple Updater that will install the modification, keep it up to date, and run it. We even have an extensive wiki that reflects the game and community content.

Since this tutorial's focus is on getting started I won't cover all of the great features we have to offer. If I did this document would stretch into oblivion. However, I will direct you to our all-encompassing OMG:Wiki where you can read about us to your heart's content.

Getting Started

For a more in-depth guide with picture aids see this OMG:Wiki article.
This section details the several steps you need to do in order to play Operation Market Garden. First, you have to make a forum account. This is necessary because we've based most of our systems around the website, it provides you with a way to manage your account, and become involved in the Operation Market Garden community. Then, you'll need to make an account for the War Control Panel, which ties your forum profile with your Relic Online profile, and allows you to manage your troops. Finally, you need to craft your company and join a game.

Forum Registration
If you haven't already, make a forum account on the front page of the website. You need this account to play a game and access your company. To do so click on the Recruitment Poster on the right side of the page.

This registration is like any other. You just need to fill out the non-personal information. When finished make sure to read the terms of service and choose "I Agree" and then click register. Once you have done this you need to go to the email address you entered and verify your email account.

War Control Panel Registration
This is only accessible on Firefox, Opera, and IE 8. In order to play you need to upgrade to one of these browsers or a later version.

On the main page's navigation bar there is a button called War CP. Click on it to open the War CP and then click register. You've already registered an account for the website/forums. This registration
is for your OMG company. Once you've clicked register you'll see three new things. The first is your choice of the four factions. The second is which of the three doctrines in that faction you'll want to play as. For right now pick whichever one you think you'll enjoy the most.

This next part is crucial. If you don't do it correctly you'll have to remake/register your company, which is a pain if you finish just to find out that a simple error caused you quite a hassle. ENTER YOUR RELIC PROFILE NAME EXACTLY(!) AS IT IS ON RELIC ONLINE. It is case sensitive. For example, my relic online name is Doink9731, so I enter it as Doink9731, not doink9731, not dOINK9731, not
DOINK9731, but exactly as it is on Relic Online. If my name was zOiDbErG123 I would enter it as zOiDbErG123. Not doing so will not allow you to play OMG with that company.

Please note that your company name does not have to match your Relic Online Profile name.
You can also view how many people are in each faction in the box called "Company Count". This will give you an idea of what you may want to play as an imbalance in the faction populations can make it harder to get games.

Also, make sure you check boxes for only the games that you own. Checking additional boxes for games that you do not own will not allow you to play content from those games. Failing to check boxes for games that you do own will not allow you to play with your unlocked units. This is not a trust based system as the Mod itself, not the website, will detect what you do and do not own and act accordingly. Click confirm if your information is correct. If it is incorrect you'll need to start over. At this point you've finished registering accounts with the Forums and War Control Panel.

Company Management
You'll see the WarCP Navigation Page. Currently the only link available is for Company Overview. Click it. You can now see the WAR Company you just registered and five FUN account slots you can use for
trying out strategies, trying other factions, or just messing around. However, we'll continue with you main company, your WAR company, for the time being.

Click "Take to Battle!". This next page, the War Room, contains the War Map, Momentum Meter, and more War CP Navigation links. The Momentum Meter and the War Map are influenced by players wins and losses.

Click on "Inspect the Troops". Here you will setup your company and the units within it. You company will then load (even though there isn't anything in it yet). Notice the different tabs below the unit icons. Clicking these will add access to more platoons.

You can now design your company by clicking the unit icons and dragging them into the platoon boxes. A good initial call in platoon for the beginning of the game with have 25 population and the minimum you need is eight. If you don't fall into this range then the platoon will turn red and you won't be able to save your company. Be sure to spend all of your resources.

Finally, click "Save Changes" to save the changes you made to
your company. Make sure it says your company saved in the lime green
bar that pops up. If it doesn't try clicking "Save Changes" again.
You have now finished setting up your company.

Setting Up OMG On Your PC

You can get your OMG Updater here. It will install OMG on your computer as well as keeping the
modification up to date. All you need to do is save it to your Company of Heroes folder and create a shortcut to the desktop. To run the updater you'll need the .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 2. If you have trouble initializing the updater that probably means you don't have the .NET Framework.
The picture to your right has been conveniently labeled.

  1. "Auto", check this if you want to auto-start the game after the battle file is downloaded, uncheck it if you don't want the game to auto-start.
  2. Status, if this displays a large number of files to update you have either been away from this game for a very long time, or the updater is probably downloading the files to the wrong folder. Proceed to number five if you think this is the case.
  3. Once the updating is done, type in the battle file id in the field, and press "download". You'll get your battle number from the War CP once your game has filled up.
  4. When the files on your drive has been compared to the files on the server, you press this one to update the local files (if needed).
  5. The updater should auto-discover where your game folder is, but if you have problems use this button to manually set the correct folder. You need to select your Company of Heroes, not the OMGmod folder.

Vista Users: You need to run OMG in administrator mode. Not doing so will cause your computer not to interpret the battle files and as a result you won't be able to play games. To do so right click on the Updater desktop icon and select "Run as administrator".

Joining Battles

In order to join games you need to go back to the War Room in the War Control Panel and click on the link called "Briefing Room". Here is where you can join games with other players. It has chat box to talk to other users, a list of users in the Briefing Room, and a list of available games. Getting on our Ventrilo server will make this entire process and playing the game easier and it is highly recommended, but not required.

You can either create a game on the left side of the screen or
join a listed battle on the bottom. Once the game is full you click on the Red "R" next to your name to ready up and it will turn green to symbolize you're ready to go. You can leave by clicking the door.
If you created the game the boot is for if you want to kick a member from your game. Once everyone has readied up you enter the Battle Number into the OMGUpdater to download the file. Once it is downloaded the game will automatically launch and you can look for it in the multiplayer screen like any normal Company of Heroes Game.

Trouble Shooting

For help at any time get on Ventrilo and a user with a [Dev] tag should be able to help you with your problem. We can also assist you through the forums.

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