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I would like to recreat the old Dark Stalker faction. This guys are totaly friend with all mutants species and vice versa. So, I thought "How can I do?". There is the answer about how create a new stalker type which have his own relationship with the differents species of monsters.

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First, you need to have a unpack gamedata.
Second, you need too know how spawn a npc and create a new faction.

  • In game_relation.ltx, add a new "species" (friend_human in my example) for monster_communities with monster_relations like that:

    ;номера team которые присваиваются соответствующим видам
    ;255 - команда не задается
    communities = actor, 255, human, 255, arena_monstr, 39, boar, 40, bloodsucker, 41, flesh, 42, dog, 43, pseudodog, 44, cat, 45, chimera, 46, giant, 47, zombie, 48, burer, 49, controller, 50, poltergeist, 51, snork, 52, fracture, 53, bird, 54, rat, 55, tushkano, 56, friend_human, 57

    ; actor,human,arena_monstr, boar, bloodsucker, friend_human
    actor = 1, 1, -2, -2, -2, 0
    human = 0, 1, 0, -2, -2, 0
    arena_monstr= -2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
    boar = -2, -2, 0, 1, -2, 1
    bloodsucker= -2, -2, 0, -2, 1, 1
    friend_human = 0,0,0,1,1,1

    So the new "friend_human" species will be friend with bloodsucker and boar.

  • Next step, create a new stalker "type" in m_stalker.ltx and use this new monster communities (species = friend_human):

    $spawn = "stalkers\stalker_dark" ; option for Level Editor

    ;species of monster
    species = friend_human

  • In spawn_section.ltx, use this new stalker type (stalker_dark) from m_stalker.ltx:

    $spawn = "escape_stalkerdark_respawn_1"
    character_profile = sim_dark_stalker_general
    spec_rank = regular
    community = dark_stalker

  • Finally, create your new faction with all that it need (game_relation.ltx, death_manager.script, death_items_by_communities.ltx , se_respawn.script, xr_statistic.script, string_table_general.xml, character_desc_darkstalker, system.ltx ...)
    And spawn it.

Result, this Dark Stalker member find a new pet!

For this screen, i edited actor vs mutants relations (mutants are friends with actor).

By this way, you could create specifics relationships between specific npcs and mutants species.
As a hermit stalker that mutants doesn't attack, or a strange faction (old Sin Faction) which is neutral with controlers...


Fkn awesome.

As someone who'd like to try and do a bit of stalker modding, it'd be great if you wrote a few of these explaining how you did stuff in the mod etc. Good stuff.

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Borovos Author


Ofc, I'll add more tutorials later.

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