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New to TWW? Read this guide to get started ! This guide is very useful.

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Hi! If you're reading this you're probably a new player on The Wizards' world.
If you're confused - don't worry! I'm here to help.
I'll be showing you how to get started.
Follow the steps below and you'll soon be on your way to Hogwarts to begin your journey!

Step 1 - Buy Your Wand

You're in Diagon Alley right now... the first thing you need to do is buy a wand from Ollivander!
You can talk to him by useing the talk command

You'll now be talking to Ollivander. Click "Yes" and he'll find a wand for you!
When he finds a wand you're happy with click "Yes" again to buy it.

Your wand will now be in your "Items" tab - click on it to wield it.

Step 2 - Head to Hogwarts

Now , time to go to hogwarts !
Now get out from the shop and go to the bricks , go near it , and it will open !
Once you open it go to the green fire and step on it (if you are playing with a BETA version , go to the train)
Then You will now be located in Hogsmeade!
There will be a empty way go there and then you will go to hogwarts

Head through the big black door thingo... and then you're there! Hogwarts Castle!

You can go RIGHT to the Great Hall to begin training. You start with the White book called "The Book of Peace" to read it, click the "read book" command.

Step 3 - Level Up, Learn Spells, Meet Friends and Begin Your Journey!

You're now in Hogwarts. From here it's up to you decide what you want to become. Good, evil, a legend, a nuisance.
The fate of your future lies in your hands.To learn spells, you must attend classes.
To see when classes are held click the "Class Schedule" button under the Commands tab.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on OOC - a chat that all players on the game see.
To talk in OOC click the "OOC" button under your Commands tab.

Remember , hogwarts is NOT safe when death eaters are around.

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