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Make entities aware of client, server, and dedicated server.

Posted by on - Intermediate Client Side Coding

Have you tried to implement your own networking objects before? Tried to create your own network messages to communicate with the NeoAxis server? If Yes or No it does not matter! This tutorial will explain overview of NeoAxis Networking system and how to take a normal entity that is not prepared for networking beyond basic synchronization and make it aware of all levels of NeoAxis networking!

This consists of 4 possible states: Single player game, Client connected to server, Dedicated Server (no graphics, host only) and the overlooked Server/Client which is a player who is hosting the server but also playing at the same time.

Make your objects aware of their environments in a networking sense and add behaviors you might have never thought possible or are looking for proper methods to implement.

In this three part video your will learn the following:

*. Make an entity aware of being in Single player game.
*. Make an entity aware of being affected by a client only.
*. Make an entity aware of server/client interaction.
*. Make an entity aware of dedicated server.
*. Create network message that is sent to all clients to perform specific task (in this case change entity color).
*. Basic concepts such as how NA server/client interaction is intended to operate, where to find code in Non-Commercial SDK for advanced networking examples.

Links To Videos

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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