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Learn how to export custom weapons using easy workflow!

Posted by on - Basic Weapons Modelling

In this three part tutorial we will learn how to export a completed animated weapon model from 3D Studio Max (2010). You must make sure your model uses a "Skin" modifier and bones to control vertices for animation support.

After model is exported we will bring it into the engine with Resource Editor and go over work flow to properly install new weapon into demo FPS system. This includes all steps and overview of creating all components of a unique weapon including bullets.

So in total this video touches on the following concepts:

  • Exporting animated model from 3dsmax using NA exporter.
  • Creating new Gun type that is seen by player, configuring it's properties to make it unique amongst other weapons.
  • Creating new WeaponItem type that is seen in world and picked up by the player to equip a particular Weapon.
  • Creating new Bullet that only our weapon can use.
  • Configuring properties of weapons such as damage done, how many rounds to fire, muzzle flashes, sounds, where to enter animation names.
  • Creating new BulletItem that is case of bullets to pickup in the game world.
  • Modifying WeaponList in Player Character to support your new Gun after all components have been completed.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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