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A semi easy way to move your farovite Units or Characters from one mod to another. NOTE. Before doing so, read each mod's readme file to make sure the creator has given permission to use thier content. If not, I strongly suggest you not make your mod public.

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Ok, so in order to do this you need to know a little bit about modding this game. If you don't and you need tools (software) to do so this, here is a beginners Tutorial that will help you learn the basics and help you find the tools you need.

Xml Editor (Coding Units)
DDS Viewer (Allows windows to show skins through Pic Pre-View)
DDT Editor (Addiing or Editing Text)
MTD Editor (Adding commandbar Icons)
ALO Viewer (Allows you to view Models and Skins)
EAW Extractor (This will extract all the sorce files. You only need this one if you're starting a mod from scratch.)

If you want to get deeper into modding EAW or FOC you can find all your tools here.

The easy way, but not guarantied to work way is to copy the xml code to a xml file that already exists in your other mod, example (squardons.xml) use a none character specific xml file to copy to.

To do this next part, right click the FOC desktop icon, click properties, find target, click on the MOD folder, find your mod's folder and open it, open DATA.

Then you copy the ALO files in the Models folder under Art in the DATA folder. You can find out which ones by looking through the xml code, it will be under ie. Space_Model_Name_X-Wing.ALO. The X-Wing.ALO is the ALO name. Copies go to your new mods Model Folder.

Then copy the DDS files from the Textures folder also under Art. These you'll have to find, not all the files will be labeled with the units name but most are. Copies go to your new mods Textures Folder.

The text will be missing, name, character info, etc. Use the DDT editor to add it in. Make sure to use the UNIT_TEXT and TEXT_TOOLTIP names from the xml file so the game knows where to look. You'll find it. When entering it in, first put UNIT_TEXT_then the units name from the xml file. Then type what ever name you want in the second box. Same thing goes for the tooltip which is the unit info.

The Icon won't be there either. You'd have to extract it from the first mod, insert it into the new mod's commandbar. Which needs MTD editor tool. It will be under MT_Commandbar.tga. Look here on what to do. Or message me and I'll write it out for you.

Once you place the unit in a build location like a Spacestation or Unit factory, which you would do this by putting the unit's name from the xml, into the buildable section of a building's xml code, you should be set. Also make sure that you set which facton can build the unit. In the xml code it will be under AFFILIATION then put Rebel or Empire, or what ever.

A few things that might go wrong are.

1) If you use a unit from a mod that uses a different shading engine, then the unit's skin probably will turn bright green and won't show up.

2) There's a chance that the unit's xml is set with coding specific for the mod it came from, and won't work, or make the game glitch, or the mod may not read it at all and it wont show up in the game.

3) If the unit uses a specific projectile from its original mod that isn't in the new mod, you'll have to add it. Or it won't do anything. If you find the DDS file for that projectile, just note, you might be overwriting one that is in the mod already. So watch for that.

4) If the unit uses sounds that are not in the new mod, you'll have to add them in or change them. Quick fix, copy the xml codes SFX from another unit already in the mod. It sucks, but it's quick. If you want to add them, or add new ones let me know. I'll write how to do that for you.

So I for worn you. It may be the easy way, but it doesn't always work out the way you want. Most of the time it will work, so far the only mods I've ever had problems with moving units back and forth is the Phoenix Uprising, Corporate Addon, AMC 2.4, and Rise of the Mandalorians. But if you know enough about modding and codding, you can find a way around problems.

Note, all mods that I've have made using other peoples works have not been made public. So please no spam mail about me using your stuff.

Hope that helps.

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