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This article will explain the use of the new optional governance feature of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5.

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Governance was a feature first introduced in Heroes of Might & Magic 4 and now available in 7 as well. In Heroes 5.5 the feature will be considerably more advanced taking into account some of the feedback provided by the fans in H7 forums.

Enhanced Town Management Script

The new release of MMH5.5 will include a large revision of the town management ability script
and allows the user to switch on and of the following 3 abilities independantly from each other:

- Town Gate
- Town Conversion
- Town Governance

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It is for example possible to play with governance+conversion, but without town gate. This allows a very different type of game that is much more focused on controlling the map with stronger secondary heroes.
The Town Management ability can now be activated anywhere on the map at the cost of 0 mana, even if the hero cannot use any abilities a message will still popup providing a lot of detailed info that was previously hidden, such as exact statistics on movement points, mana regeneration, elemental summoning and creatures gained from the new governance feature.

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The main philosophy of Governance in H5.5 is that you can have 2 types of heroes: Conquest heroes and Governor heroes. If governance is switched off you can have only Conquest heroes (which are the regular kind of heroes you already know). Conquest heroes can be changed into governor heroes by activating the town management ability if they are standing in the gate of an owned town of the same faction as the hero. Superfluous to say a refusal message will pop up if the town already has a governor. After a hero is inaugurated as governer he is tied to the town and receives movement penalties if he gets too far away from it (this makes it impossible to use a governor as main hero).

Benefits of being a governor:

-The hero gains an amount of experience daily depending on town level and hero level. The most balanced formula I came up with so far is quite complex: ((TL*10)+((1+HL/10)*HL^2))
-The town dwellings will receive a % of extra recruits every week, the % is equal to the hero's level, if the hero's level is too low no extra creatures will be received.
-The hero will gain various exclusive bonuses from the town buildings.
-If the town has a mage guild level 5 the hero can use the town gate ability and teleport back to this town, the hero is not allowed leave his post and teleport to other towns.
-If the hero has any Regalia of the Legion artifact, the troops will be added to the town dwellings instead and the amount will be calculated as if the hero has 5 more knowledge.


-The hero must remain within a 50 tile radius around this Town. Outside this radius the hero will lose more and more movement points the further he goes, also any bonuses granted by the town will be removed. Governors lower than lvl 5 also lose some movement points when close to the town.
-The hero can only resign the contract when standing in the gate of this town. The hero is obligated to govern this town for at least one month, if the hero decides to resign earlier he must pay a fine to the towns inhabitants equal to the amount of days not in office*his level*100. (The last rule is to prevent the main hero from quickly using governor defense bonuses when under siege, for high level heroes this will be outrageously expensive.)

The above rules will also be shown in the game before signing a governance contract.

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Because governors allow a little more creature growth from towns, battle sites will be adjusted automatically to give a little more resistance. I also recommend to setting ARMG monster setting to very strong and possibly play one difficulty higher. However take in mind the AI will not be made weaker if Governance is enabled, I cannot really make the AI understand the system, so it will only use conquest heroes, but secondary AI heroes will receive experience compensations if governance is enabled.


Any way to enable governance for the campaign maps?
Not working for me.

I'd edit the campaign maps myself to enable it, if I knew how.

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mmh55 Author

I believe it is enabled by default on campaign maps, but on some maps there may be a script conflict.

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I play this map with 3 heroes each from a different faction and each starting in a town NOT of his faction (the Haven hero starts in an inferno town, the Necromancer starts in a dwarven town and the Academy hero starts in a Dungeon town. Now. whatever of the heroes I'm playing are unable to convert their starting town to their faction but the AI heroes can and do. Is this as it's supposed to be? that AI heroes can convert their starting towns but the player cannot? or am I missing something?

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Hi, is there any known issue with "barbarian" governors? I'm trying to assing governors to Stronghold towns with "Shaman" and "Witch" hero types but the option just doesn't apper when I cast the Town Management spell (standing on the town gate). And I know governance is activated because I already have a Reaver type governor on a Necropolis town...

Thanks a lot, and congratulations for the mod. It has made me return to HOMM5 and forget both HOMM6 and HOMM7

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