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How to make a disco light ( Spanish ) enjoy the video

Posted by on - Basic Props Modelling


- Levers
-Redstone lamps
-Lighting blocks
-Wool of diferent colors
- Iron Blocks
-Sticky pistons


Step 1: make a tower like this way:

Iron Block
Sticky piston
Iron block
Sticky piston
Iron block
iron block
Iron block

Step 2: On the top iron block, we put on a lever, then, we surrond the iron block with redstone lamps. Then, we activate the lever and de redstone lamps shud turn on.

Step 3: Between the sticky pistons ( in the iron block ) we put a lever, then, we put a lightning block in each piston. After that, we activate the lever.

Step 4: Now, we surround the tower with iron blocks from at least 1 block far, and the empty space, we fill it with wools of diferent colours, And its done!!!

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