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by posting this article the last missing element of my MechCommander Guide is fitting in. This article contains a list showing ALL basic MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours Multiplayer Map Scenarios that can be played online via gameranger for example.

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MCG Darkest Hours Multiplayer Maps

MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours
Multi-Player scenarios

Hello MechCommanders,
by posting this article the last missing element of my MechCommander Guide is fitting in. Any further information & game knowlege that will be published from this moment on will be strongly modding related. I have to admit that not everything looks quite perfect yet - but the MechCommander content had to survive multiple site downs and archive restoration processes. The knowledge and guide structure is accessable and available for players again and after i polished and overhauled it - it will be better than the original. Players can now use the Player's Guide link collection as an overview for any ingame related content. The players can get MechWarrior information as well as BattleMech, Weapon & Equipment or campaign maps for example.
For Beginner's i have created the seperate Beginner's Guide - that contains basic game information and tactical knowledge for the battlefield or logistic parts of the game.

So well, the basic MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours (4.x) contains 64 Multi-Player Scenarios that can be played online via GameRanger. I have created detailed multiplayer install instructions and information as guide articles. The following list contains all available Multiplayer scenarios for Darkest Hours users:

Multiplayer-Scenario Maps:

  1. Arena
  2. Arena 2
  3. Artyland
  4. Bakwoods
  5. Bandits
  6. Blood makes the grass grow
  7. brcvlytl
  8. Breach the Line NA
  9. Breach the line
  10. BreachDM
  11. Cache and Kill
  12. Caldera
  13. Capture Island Base
  14. Capture the base - Canyon - Deathmatch
  15. Capture the Base - Canyon 1
  16. Capture the Base - Canyon 2
  17. Capture the base locked
  18. CaptureIsland2
  19. CheeseDM
  20. CheeseDV
  21. CheZeMap
  22. DarkCity
  23. Death Valley
  24. DoomIsle
  25. Fortress Assault NA
  26. Fortress Assault
  27. Gadaffii
  28. GrandCanyon
  29. GunBunk
  31. Industrial Strike 2
  32. Industrial Strike
  33. King Island
  34. King of the Hill Locked
  35. King of the Hill
  36. Lake Azura
  37. lebowski
  38. Many Bases 2
  39. Many Bases Locked
  40. Many Bases
  41. Mombo Island Brawl
  42. Mouse Trap
  43. MPList.txt
  44. OnionDV
  45. Power Surge NA - Custom made
  46. Powersurge 2
  47. Powersurge Locked
  48. Powersurge
  49. Puncture
  50. Random
  51. RDValley
  52. Shangs
  53. Shoogun1
  54. Shoogun2
  55. Shoogun3
  56. StrHold2
  57. Swamp Rat 2
  58. Swamp Rat
  59. Three Deathmatch
  60. Three is a magic number 1
  61. Three is a magic number 2
  62. Trial1
  63. UK1
  64. Urbana
  65. Wet & Wild

64 Multiplayer scenarios total!

MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours
non released Multi-Player maps

I have found some more MultiPlayer maps. Alltogether they would extend the total mission count up to more than 100 Multi-Player maps. For releasing them i would need more feedback for the existing MP-Maps. Aslong this feature seems to be mostly unsused i won't waste time & energy in it. But here the missions i have in backhand for release:

  1. ArgePla
  2. Badlands
  3. Base Assault
  4. Base Capture
  5. Base Sk NA
  6. Base Strike
  7. Breach NT 4G
  8. Breach NT
  9. Broad Side
  10. Capture the Base II
  11. Circles
  12. City Assault
  13. Gauntlet
  14. HitnRun
  15. IslanChn
  16. MercIsle
  17. Move Forward
  18. NomnLand
  19. Omega Fortress
  20. Shangs
  21. ShdwVlly
  22. StratosV
  23. Swamps 2
  24. Winter
  25. Winter NA
  26. HarvCap
  27. HarvRide
  28. HoldOut
  29. FootHold
  30. Front Line
  31. GS Koth Deathmatch
  32. Hannover
  33. 96 Harv Map
  34. Hold Out
  35. MechLab
  36. 100_New Front
  37. BPop1mi1
  38. CityFGT

38 MP scenarios total (needs to be re-compiled)

Those 38 missions need to be recompiled. When multiplayer feedback rises i probably will compile them by a long term run. For now the 64 available scenarios above should be enough for more than just a little insight.

(c) by RizZen (2017-2020)

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