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(Salvage) Buildings Actually i'm recreating the tactical guide for mechcommander beginners and players. Since is lost - the only copy of information seems to be the one on my personal backup. I upload the information with some cosmetical redesign here on ModDB. This is Part XVIII of the MechCommander/MC Beginner's Tactical Guide:

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MechCommander - Buildings

001 Salvage Buildings Guide

Salvageable Buildings

  • Small & Big Containers
  • Component Vault
  • Component Warehouse
  • Barnes
  • Meeting Halls
  • Ressource Bunker
  • Underground Bunker

*: Physically any building on a map can be salvageable, when developers want (Easter-Egg Spoiler)

002 Base Buildings Chart Alpha

Base Buildings

  • Turret Control
  • Heavy Turret Control
  • Small Turret
  • Cannon Turret
  • Missile Turret
  • Pop-Up Turrets
  • Artillery Turrets
  • Gate Control
  • Gates
  • Mech Repairbay
  • Vehicle Repairbay
  • Walls & Big Walls
  • Hangars & Omni-Fighters
  • Sensor Control
  • Air Control Tower
  • Industrial Complex
  • Data Center
  • Support Building
  • Guard House
  • Small Command Center
  • Huge Command Center
  • Base - HeadQuarter (HQ-Buildings)

003 SupportandExplosiveBuildings

Supply Buildings

  • Small & Big Power Generators
  • Sensor Tower
  • Perimeter Alert
  • Mobile Orbital Gun (physically implemented as infrastructure)

Explosive Buildings

  • Small & Big Fuel tank
  • Pipelines
  • Gas Tank (Facilities)
  • Rafinery

Civilian Buildings

Atleast there are a bunch of Civilian, Business & Industrial buildings in MechCommander. Such like farms and silos (country-side) - and city infrastructure. Here a screen showing a high density city center:

City Buildings Infrastructure Hi


Classical enemy base complex:

Enemy Base Complex

(c)by RizZen 2018 - overhauling (2020)

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