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There are a few special steps that need to be taken...

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To make a map work properly in Tactical Insertion, it must be accompanied by a SCAR (Scripting At Relic) file. Create it at rtt\maps\pvp\your_map_name.scar, using this code as a template:


function OnInit()
	rtt_setHQFacings({ {X,Y,Z,rot}, {X,Y,Z,rot} }) -- two players

	for i=1, World_GetPlayerCount() do

API functions

Set the amount of requisition available to all players.


Set the location and rotation of each player HQ. Accepts a table of { X, Y, Z, ang } subtables. For ang, 1 is north -1 is south.

rtt_disableHeavyUnits(player), rtt_enableHeavyUnits(player)

Prevent or re-enable heavy (i.e. tier 3) units from being built. Pass a playerID or ALL.

rtt_setDeployStartListener(func), rtt_setBattleStartListener(func), rtt_setRoundEndListener(func)

Define functions in your map SCAR that the mod will call at the appropriate time.

rtt_PlayIntro(nis, title, messages, completionListener)

Play an intro sequence. Takes a NIS filename, a title string for the map, a table containing { time, locstring } sub-tables, and a function to call when the intro finishes.

rtt_CycleTeamsFwd(), rtt_CycleTeamsBack()
Swap the spawn locations of each team. 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1 etc.

rtt_GetCycledPlayerID(player), rtt_GetCycledPlayerIndex(player)
Get the ID or index of the given player, adjusted for team cycling.

Start a new round immediately.

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