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A tutorial more objective about how textures are processed for 3D models.

Posted by on - Intermediate UI/HUD

In this video is more centered around the users needs, which show us that there are still a lot of development around beside game development. A simple tutorial that show on how textures improve the quality of the image. Game engines load textures in a stand a side way. So in order for a 3D model to be ready for a game it need to have separated textures and preferably animated if possible.

In a way. They work in similar way, the things that you do in blender are reproduced in the Game engine. Blender even have "Blender Game" render which can be used directly to produce games, the render in this mode will match at 100% the final result which for some things may be a good thing or at least of some use like, save time.

Still the video is done in Cycles render which is a algorithm that processes light and reflection in a more realistic way since games often tend with the fantasy style the resources consumption and the style it self may not be needed. The tutorial can be of some use because is short.

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