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This tutorial will show you how to make a func_physbox tangle on an axis

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First make a brush that is going to rotate on the axis
tangle on an axis tut
Now turn it in to a func_physbox by pressing ctrl and t name it something Im going to go whit rotate_door check de flags like you want them to

tangle on an axis tut2

now wall off the rest of the map so that the door has a point
tangle on an axis tut3

Now add the phys_motor from the entety tab and place it so that is in front of the axis that you will drag now drag the origin of the phys_motor horizontal that is going to be the axis it self the origin is the small circle in the middle of the func_motor if its not there press the icon left to the rendering button on the upper tab
tangle on an axis tut4

Now go in to the phys_motors propeties andmake the attached objeckt rotate_door (or how ever you called your objeckt) and make sure that you did not added a rotacion speed

tangle on an axis tut6 tangle on an axis tut6
Now we are done make sure that the door wont get stuck in the floor I made a double ramp under the door if there is a sealing make sure that the door has space to rotate.

You can apply this for a lots of other stuff and you can go messy whit tham like add some brakabels and some exploding barrels or make something realy creative whit it like combine ing them whit trains and other stuff oh and if you make a map and whit something like thiss in it link the this tutorial to it so other people can learn this too because its EASY.


If you make a tutorial, why do excuse for your bad english, which isn't that bad by the way.

Suggestion: Let a steamfriend or someone else check it, then you don't need to worry about such mistakes! :)

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Angry_Rabbit Author

sry abaut the spam in the tut its only that iam dyslexic and was scared abaut writeing on the internet wont hapen again.

oh and thx for the hint:)

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