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A short tutorial on how to add reflectivity overrides to materials in Source, to brighten up and colour your level's dark spots.

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This is a great VMT parameter. Basically, adding something like "$reflectivity" "[1 1 1]" overrides the VTF's in-built reflectivity property to full white. In the same way,"$reflectivity" "[1 0 0]" would override it to full red (they're RGB values). Similarly, "[1 1 1]" can also be written as "{255 255 255}"; the bracket type indicates whether it's a 0-to-1 scale or the more traditional 0-to-255 scale.

Example room

Full VMT of this material:

"$basetexture" "Wood/woodwall027c"
"$bumpmap" "Wood/woodwall027c_normal"

"$surfaceprop" "wood"
"$reflectivity" "[1 1 1]"

So there you have it, complete control over the strange process of light berserking around your map! This is only one of the methods employed in Freecity that goes toward the Beast Lightmapper imitation attempt. I'll cover the rest in the next post.

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