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Some basic information about the level editor of System Recovery

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In this topic I will try to explain some of the basic terminology regarding the official level editor for System Recovery.


The editor can be found here:

The source code (written in Java) will also soon be available for brave souls to examine and perhaps improve upon.



What is the editor capable of?
The editor can be used to create level assets for the game, but later may have the ability to create full-fledged mission packs, assist in most (if not all) modding aspects like scripting, variables and resource pack compilation.
For now it can be used to create basic map themes for custom scenarios.

What is a resource pack ?

A resource pack is a "library" of assets the game can use to enhance a scenario. They are loaded in a specified order by the game, so it is possible to create a resource pack for the purpose of overriding some of a previously loaded pack's content as a modification.

For now, resource packs are simple folders inside your game's Data folder, and can only contain mapthemes.
You may have your Data folder in two locations: (They might be missing by default, but you can create them!)
1. Inside the game installation folder
2. In your documents folder, under "My Games/System Recovery"

What is a scenario?
A scenario is the term for a set of game rules to apply for sessions of System Recovery. A scenario defines things like list of maps, game mode and so on.

What are map themes?
A map theme is a pack of level assets, any combination of prefabricated rooms, maps or spawn groups.
The editor handles a single map theme at once, which is stored in the same folder as the editor under the /Themes/ subdirectory.
How do prefabricated maps and rooms work?
A maptheme can have an unlimited number of map or room prefabrications (or prefabs for short), there cannot be two prefabs with the same name, and there are certain illegal characters to avoid when naming them. As a general rule it's best to only use letters of the english alphabet, numbers, spaces and underscores.

What is a "room"?

Sometimes called a sector, a room is a fragment of a map in System Recovery, and can often have its own set of characteristics, such as room-specific scripts, variables and so on. Some gamemodes interact with rooms individually, like the campaign mode.
There are several types of rooms, the most important types being Entry, Filler and Exit.

  • An Entry room will be picked for a map's entry room, where the player arrives upon entering the level.
  • An Exit room is the room a player should likely pursue to complete the level. A level may generate multiple exit levels, but only one will be picked to be the actual exit, the rest will turn into random teleports.
  • Filler rooms make up the majority of the rooms that go between Entry and Exit rooms.

What is a room prefab?
A room prefab is a single room schematic a maptheme can use to generate random maps with. It is possible to specify whether a prefab can be rotated and/or flipped by the level generator.

What is a map prefab?
A map prefab, similar to a room prefab is a schematic, but on the scale of a whole level. Map prefabs (currently) have to be fully finished in order to be valid, as the level generator will not fill loose ends with room prefabs. The level generator will always pick a map prefab with a matching name from the scenario, if there is one, instead of randomly generating one from room prefabs.


I will try to expand this guide more as time goes on. In the meantime, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to post here or create a thread for it! Your patience is appreciated.

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