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Kung fu 3.0 is (naturaly) the 3. one in the line of kung-fu mods for max payne. It's included a new training-map (dojo) Features: ---------------- - A kung fu fighting system that includes: - a hand-to-hand fighting mode and a stick fighting mode (complete with slo-mo "stick FX") - an arsenal of over 20 different moves - a Kung Fu Skill Level system - a complex combo attack system - Improved acrobatic skills that include: - new "kung fu style" flips and spins - wall running and wall jumping

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Max Payne Kung Fu Guide

This section is a guide detailing all of the new gameplay elements introduced in MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition. It discusses the new Kung Fu Skill Level system, how to use the new Shootdodges, wall jumping and wall running, and it contains an extensive guide on the kung fu fighting system, starting from the basics through to the advanced techniques.

Kung Fu Skill Levels:

In order for Max to perform some of his new and more difficult manuvers, he must first reach certain Kung Fu Skill Levels. Max starts out at a Kung Fu Level of 1, where he will only has his basic kung fu attacks available, and he can progress up to a Kung Fu Level of 4, where he will have advanced combo
attacks and other fancy moves. Skill points are gained by defeating enemies with kung fu and demonstrating good technique through quick kicks and combos.
No skill points are gained when using guns however. Once Max has reached a certain number of skill points, he will advance to the next Kung Fu Skill Level. Note what Kung Fu Skill Levels are required for each of the moves explained below.

ShootDodging Techniques:
(available at all Kung Fu Skill Levels)

Now along with Max's diving shootdodge skills are 2 additional techniques - "drunken style" shootdodging and aerial shootdodging.

When Max is using single handed weapons (ie. handguns or ingrams) he can do his regular diving shootdodge from a running a start, but will now do his leaning drunken shootdodge technique if starting from a stand still position. The drunken shootdodge has the advantage of easier aiming, since Max is not soaring through the air, but at the cost of making himself an easier target to the enemies.
TIP: The drunken shootdodge is best used in a one-on-one situation, as you can affectively "lean" out of the way of incoming bullets while having enough time to take out your single opponent.

When Max is using his two handed weapons (ie. shotgun or rifles) he can do his regular diving shootdodge from a stand still position, but will now do his high amplitude aerial shootdodge if given a running start. The aerial shootdodge has the advantage of making Max a very difficult target to the enemies, since he is flipping through the air, but at the cost of making it more difficult for Max to aim.
TIP: The aerial shootdodge is
best used in an open area against a group of enemies, since the enemies will
have a harder time getting a good shot while at the same time Max will have a
higher plane of view with which to shoot from.

Wall Running/Jumping:

Now along with his evasive flips and rolls, Max has learned the skill of wall jumping and wall running. These acrobatic skills make you an almost impossible target for the bad guys, so learn them well and they will get you out of many sticky situations.

When Max reaches Kung Fu Skill Level 2, by doing a forward jump directly into a wall he will launch himself off the wall and into a back flip. This is a good way turning the tables in the event that Max has a persistent pest on his 6. When Max is at Kung Fu Skill Level 3, by doing a forward diagonal jump
directly into a wall he will run for few steps along the wall and then flip off of it. This manuver can often get you across a room under heavy fire, or get you around enemies in tight corridors.
TIP: In the absence of a wall, Max can instead perform a wall jump off of an enemy, often with devastating results. Master this technique for a clean and easy way of taking down weakened opponents.

Kung Fu Fighting:

Max now has a "Kung Fu Mode", that, once selected, will change Max's offensive from a gun-toting ballet into a hand-to-hand combat frenzy. Although Max's kung fu is strong, the bad guys are still carrying big guns, so a different style of attack must be adopted if you are to stand a fighting chance.

The Basics:

When Max is in "Kung Fu Mode", he will have 3 sets of basic attacks at his disposal - jabs, jump kicks and quick kicks. These basic attacks are available at all Kung Fu Skill Levels.

Jabs are quick, rapid fire punches that can be throw at any time and that are easily aimed. Although jabs do not cause a significant amount of damage on their own, they do act to stun the enemy and provide easy follow up for bigger hits or combos. To jab, simply press the shoot button.

Jump kicks are much more powerful, but much slower attacks that can only be launched from a running start. Although many times a single jump kick is enough to take down an enemy, they are more difficult to aim and they do not link to combos. Max has three different jump kicks: a forward flying kick, a left jump spin kick and a right jump spin kick, which are performed respectively by running either forward, forward-left or forward-right and then pressing the shootdodge button.

Quick kicks are faster but not as powerful as jump kicks, but they are stronger than jabs and they are what make up combo attacks. However, quick kicks can only be launched if Max is in a stand still position, so setting up for quick kicks takes some added effort. Max has three different quick kicks: a forward snap kick, a left roundhouse kick, and a right hook kick, which are performed respectively by either pressing forward, forward-left or forward-right and the shootdodge button at the same time from a standing position.

If a quick kick hits an enemy cleanly, Max will immediately and automatically follow up with a combo attack , if he is at a high enough Skill Level. See the following section for more on combos and other higher Skill Level techniques.

Advanced Kung Fu Techniques:

Mastering the basics of single move execution represents only the surface of kung fu fighting. The remaining and more interesting part of kung fu fighting is in the developing of timing, positioning and control through combo attacks and other advanced tactics.


When certain attacks hit an enemy cleanly, Max will immediately and automatically follow up with a combo attack. Combo attacks are flurries of kicks that are both faster and stronger than any of Max's other attacks, and that can take down a group of enemies in the blink of an eye. If a combo attack hits an enemy cleanly than it will again link to another combo attack, and the result can be a long combo chain that will pummel any opponent. Also, every combo attack that connects will give Max a boost of energy, and he will receive small health bonuses depending on how long his combo chains are - yet another incentive to learn this skill. The attacks that will initiate combos are jabs and the three quick kicks, and all will produce different combo chains. At any time during a combo you can cancel the combo (by running or doing a dodge out of the way), you can customize the combo or you
can buffer the combo.
TIP: Although jump kicks cannot be used to initiate combos, you can do a quick kick immediately after landing from a jump kick and start a combo from there. So using a jump kick to get in close to your opponent before launching a combo is a safe and effective strategy.

Custom Combos:

Although the combo chain that links from a certain attack is always the same, during any point in the combo chain you can interrupt the combo by doing another attack, which can in turn start a different combo chain. Thus, by knowing different combo chains you can learn to customize your combos by mixing and matching your favourite kicks to do maximum damage.

Example: A custom 6-hit combo


Sometimes a combo chain may go for longer than you need, or there might be another enemy coming up behind you while you are in the middle of a combo. This is where buffering comes in. Combo buffering is a technique where you can temporarily pause a combo (without cancelling it), and then continue it at a different target. In order to buffer a combo, hit the crouch button at any time during the combo. The combo will continue as soon as you release the crouch button. Note that learning this technique requires you to pick up on audio cues from Max. During his kung fu attacks, Max will give out a discernable "Huh!" everytime he is about to link a combo. You must learn to use these cues to determine when you have an opportunity for buffering.
TIP: Since most combo chains build up to stronger and deadlier hits, if you buffer right before these hits you can redirect your stronger hits for stronger opponents, getting more bang out of your combo buck.

Example: Combo buffering and redirecting


For Max, just because an enemy is knocked out it doesn't mean he has to stop getting beat up. You can now continue pounding down an opponent as long as he hasn't hit the floor yet. This is what we call "juggling". Juggling is not only a great way to let out your frustrations and get back at a particularly annoying enemy, it is also useful for extending your combos (for combo health bonuses or for buffering) and for enemy "tumbling" (more on tumbling next). To juggle enemies simply continue pounding them with kicks after they have been killed, as long as they are still on their feet (or not).
TIP: You will notice that particular combo hits mark the end of the combo chain or they send enemies flying away. For longer juggles learn to customize your combos to skip these hits, thus extending your combo chain even longer.

Example: Extended juggling


Certain attacks in Max's arsenal will send enemies flying backwards. For example, the forward flying kick and certain combo hits can knock enemies clean off their feet and into any unfortunate others who happen to be standing behind them. This is called "tumbling", and mastering it is a testament to one's control and precision with kung fu techniques. If you tumble an enemy into another enemy, that enemy will also tumble, which can cause another enemy to tumble and so on - a domino effect that could theoretically allow you to take down an entire group of enemies with a single kick.
TIP: Using this tumbling technique you can also "slam" enemies into walls (sometimes breaking things in the process), which will produce a small shockwave that can stun any enemies (and you too, so watch out) within a certain radius. This is fun.

Example: Tumbling and slamming

That covers the techniques you need to know to make you a kung fu fighting force to be reckoned with. It is recommended you train extensively in these techniques in the dojo until they become second nature, since applying these techniques against armed opponents in the real world requires that much more refined acuity. Also, all of the skills you have learned for kung fu fighting directly carry over to stick fighting, and you will learn to depend on the added reach and strength of your
trusted staff against the tougher opposition you will face later on.

Donjohnny message: This guide is not mine, i found it in a webpage long time ago. I post it here becouse i think is needed to play thos awesome mod properly. Enjoy anda have fun!!


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