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As a general, you have to know your weapons first to conceive a valid strategy. Thus here goes the new series of Know Your Weapons in A General's Game: In these episodes, we would explore the capabilities, tactics and strategies using the units in this mod. The first episode: F-16CJ, the Wild Wiesel: aircraft designed to take on enemy air-defense systems using the AGM-88 anti-radiation missiles, and to take out enemy vehicles using the AGM-65 maverick air-to-surface missiles.

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Know Your Weapons 01
The F-16CJ

[Basic Properties]
Factions: USA, South Korea
Cost: 4000
Strength: 350
Speed: 34
Primary: AGM-65 Maverick Missiles (Range=5.5)
Secondary: AGM-88 High Speed Anti-radiation Missiles (Range=27)

Strength in [health points]
Speed in [dist/sec]
Range in [dist]
**The properties of the unit could be revised in future versions

Against Enemy Air Defense
Use four-ship formation of F-16CJs to attack enemy air-defense missile launchers or self-propelled anti-air guns, to ensure a first shot would kill the launcher at range.
After firing the salvo of missiles, immediately turn away from the direction toward the enemy missiles, as the chasing missiles has a less hit probability and thus less likely to kill the F-16CJs

Against Enemy Armor
One shot of Maverick missile would usually kill the armored vehicle, with the exception of heavily armored main battle tanks. Thus to conserve ammunition, use each F-16 for each vehicular targets.
Be aware of the short range of the Maverick missile, so please make sure the F-16s stay away from enemy missile launchers, self-propelled anti-air guns, and infantry carried anti-air missiles.

Supporting for an Air-Raid on the Enemy Base:
Use the F-16CJs to clean off the enemy air-defenses before launching an air-raid on the important enemy buildings. This would significantly increase the probability of success of the air-raid, either by using cruise missiles or bombs.

Softening Enemy Armored Attacks:
Use the F-16CJs to weaken the enemy ground invasion forces by taking out the particularly hard targets like main battle tanks or the long range artillery launchers. This would significantly increase the chance of your ground troops in fending off an armored attack made by your AI opponent

Be creative! There is always new ways to use a weapon system! So please sign up new tactics and strategy for the use of F-16CJs!!

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