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The following article is a basic list of Skirmish maps & their corresponding internal filenames that are used in Kane's Wrath (1.02). There are 64 maps in total, 5 pre-order maps, and 33 carried over from Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. This list is useful to anyone working with the official Skirmish maps in any capacity.

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bamap aw01_04 = Seaport Smackdown
bamap_dc01_4 = Grasslands Landgrab
bamap_dc02_4 = Badlands
bamap_dc03_3 = Desolation
bamap_dc04_3 = End of the Line
bamap_dc05_2 = Tournament Decision
bamap_dc05_3 = Split Decision
bamap_dc06_4 = Arid Remains
bamap_dc07_4 = Mountains of Madness
bamap_dc08_4 = Crosstown Conflict
bamap_dc10_4 = Murderers Row
bamap_dc11_4 = Empire City
bamap_ew01_4 = Unsound Investment
bamap_ew03_04 = Oasis Onslaught
bamap_ew05_04 = Safety Nest
bamap_ew06_04 = Shell Shocked
bamap_ew07_04 = Urban Blight
bamap_ew08_04 = Eastern Promises
bamap_ew09_03 = Suburban Slaughterhouse
bamap_ew10_06 = Tiberium Wasteland
bamap_ew11_05 = Isthmus of Insanity
bamap_jf01_4 = Dockside Devastation
bamap_jf03_6 = Dark Waters
bamap_kk03_3 = Tundra Triangle
bamap_rh01_4 = Heaven and Hell
bamap_sb01_4 = Missed Opportunity
eamap_sb05_4 = Craters of Camden #
map_mp_2_bass1 = Tournament Dustbowl
map_mp_2_black1 = Tournament Desert Redux
map_mp_2_black10 = Deadly Sertao
map_mp_2_black11 = Top Gun
map mp_2_black11_redz Gauntlet
map_mp_2_black12 = Schlachtfeld Stuttgart
map_mp_2_black2 = Tournament Arena
map mp_2_black2_redz Arena
map_mp_2_black3 = Barstow Badlands
map_mp_2_black4 = Ground Zero
map_mp_2_black5 = Small Town USA
map_mp_2_black6 = Black's Big Battle
map_mp_2_black7 = Tournament Tower
map mp_2_black7_redz Tower
map_mp_2_black8 = Tiber River Valley
map_mp_2_black9 = Pipeline Problems
map_mp_2_chuck1 = Tournament Coastline
map_mp_2_simon = Riverside Rumble
map mp_2_sim River #
map_mp_2_will1 = Tournament Rift
map_mp_3_black1 = Unfair Advantage
map_mp_3_black2 = Triple Threat
map_mp_4_bass = Downtown Dustbowl
map_mp_4_bender = The Battle for Middle Egypt
map_mp_4_black1 = Crater of Carnage
map_mp_4_black5 = Death Valley
map_mp_4_black6 = Backwater Brawl
map_mp_4_chuck1 = Coastline Chaos
map_mp_4_chuck2 = Wrecktropolis
map_mp_4_rao = Redzone Rampage
map_mp_4_ssmith_01 = Frontier Fracas
map_mp_5_black1 = Tiberium Gardens III
map_mp_6_black1 = Black's Bigger Battle
map_mp_6_black2 = Six Shooter Showdown
map_mp_6_hayes = Dead Six
map_mp_8_bass = The Rocktagon
map_mp_8_black1 = Bordertown Beatdown

# = Pre-order maps

For a fully sortable list, with map thumbnails, you can head over to the Command & Conquer Wiki

jmdigital Author

For some weird reason, the moddb article editor is cutting off the following lines;

map mp_2_black11_redzoned is Gunship Gauntlet (Pre-order map)

map mp_2_black2_redzoned is Decrepit Arena (Pre-order map)

map mp_2_black7_redzoned is Blighted Tower (Pre-order map)

map mp_2_simon_b is Ruined River (Pre-order map)

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there was a time when I really liked this editor
it let you color text properly and performed as you expect a WYSIWYG editor

what I'd really like with all this web-kit stuff is when they decide on new features you could find a drop-down box to select the legacy era you want to live in...

good going posting mapping knowledge too!

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How is this relevant to the C&C Generals Lovers page?

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