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This is essentially a copy of my comment from the previous article. This is to adress these errors and misunderstanding that could in theory have bad consequences. Funny how stuff can be easily taken out of context.

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From the previous article's comment:

there's a tutorial here

But please, this is taken out of context and I was obviously misunderstood. I don't have any indication or evidence that "dylan" is linked to this leak, I was simply saying that back then dylan promised this as one of the things...the ps2 stuff is not related and it wasn't port of UC2. There were more things supposed to happen and this was one of them. I was commenting on how ironic it is to get this so many years later and even after the mod port of UC2 for ut2004 was discontinued despite endorsed by Epic.

The source of this leak was 4chan that's all we know.

Just a note, please look in the files/addons for more map fixes/patches.

There is also a custom map or two made for this that should be uploaded eventually, like the port of the ut dm bonuspack 4 map that was released on youtube...

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