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Compilation of several mods for a Just Cause 2 fully remastered with a new environment and high quality textures with increased traffic, etc.

Posted by on - Basic Installers


Copy the files and folders to the directory where the game is installed and replace them if necessary. For example: "C:\Program Files\Eidos\Just Cause 2"


Real Sky and Clouds by DI_GHOSTIE_ID

New Textures and Roads by Kris and plokdev

No Filmgrain by jason

Realistic Blood by Rando

Realistic Sun by techlord

High res Moon and enhanced Stars by borni

More Creatures by mrtt

More Traffic by Hubert

Panau Police by JTH

No BlackMarket Cutscenes by khewit

Realistic Guns by Gawl

Mouse Aiming Fix by Altimor

Bullseye Rifle Fix by Zhnigo

100% Percent Completion Fix by Jusupov

JC2 Rebalanced by Kris

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