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How to have a fast start with Java programming language.

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Below a how-to of getting started with Java.

You need to download these three things:
1) Java Development Kit (JDK for short):
(JDK 6 Update 21)
Click Download, select Platform (e.g. Windows), click the link below to download Java SE Development Kit 6u21.

2) Elipse Helios, the compiler of Java code (the syntax coloured, checks for possible errors, etc.):
On the right, there is a section of links named Download Links, you need to select your own platform-specific version of the program.

3) Java learning materials, such as Introduction to Programming Using Java, the fifth edition:
Also available online:

There are a few things to know about Java if you are an experienced programmer (C++/C/C#, etc.).

One of the most important things, the main public file class must be exactly the SAME as the file name, unlike C# and C++ where it doesn't make any difference which class holds the main function, so e.g.:

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

public class simple {
	public static void main (String[] args) {
		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Hello Somebody!");

The main public class is simple, and the Java file name is

Otherwise (without it or differently named) you may get compiling errors. One can always be on the lookout for other differences between Java and other curly-bracket programming languages, for example the concept of inheritance in Java.

Regarding Introduction to Programming Using Java, if you are an experienced programmer, you can skip most of the book and concentrate on the graphics, the chapters 6 (Introduction to GUI Programming) and 12 (titled Advanced GUI Programming).

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