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Published here due to many questions about installing and running.

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Firstly, there is no maps in the "Singleplayer" section 'cause the SP mode is the simpified Coop mode, and it was deleted. Despite this some maps can be shown here (will be fixed in the next release), so don't try to run it.

For local game (listen server):

1. Unpack files to the temporary folder

2. Copy the aix2ex_mm folder (from the client folder) to the [Battlefield 2 root directory]/mods

Do not copy whole "client" folder!

3. Copy the AIX2 Reality shortcut located in the mod folder to the desktop, change the path to the executable file and run it, or create your own shortcut

4. In the game select Multiplayer - Create local, select Coop mode and add the maps from the list at the left. All selected maps will be at the right, click Start.

For some reasons Win7 users might have a problems with creating listen server, so they have to run dedicated one.

For dedicated server:

- Repeat steps 1 and 2 from previous section

- copy the aix2ex_mm folder (from the server folder) to the [Battlefield 2 server root directory]/mods

- start your dedicated server and connect to it (multiplayer - Join Local).

P.S. В архиве - расширенный FAQ на русском.

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