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Установка распакуйте папку test и exe-файл в той же папке, в противном случае некоторые текстуры не отображаются

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unzip the folder test and exe in the same folder, otherwise some textures will not appear.
if you have any questions write on e-mail

Five Nights Freddy Fazbear''s Pizza - multiplatformers game in the genre indie survival horror developed by the fan. The game takes place in a pizzeria called "Freddy Fazbear''s Pizza", where the player must act as a guard, defending from animatronics, through timely closing of electronic doors or hide .Characters
Mike Schmidt
Phone guyOpponents
Gold Freddie
Endoskull (mask Chica)
Endoskull (mask Bonnie)Tactics
1. "The office"
You can turn gray in the office closing the door, but it will not save you from Puppets and Endoskeletal.
2. "Hide"
You can hide in the workshop, but Bonnie, foxy and Puppet periodically run up there. You can hide between the tables in the dining room or in the bathroom.Author: WeterGames

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