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Installation Instructions which provide help on how to install this goddamn mod.

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  1. Download the latest "Full" Mod release, example: "[FULL] Expansion Mod []"
  2. Download the latest Patch, if available.
  3. Download any optionals you would like to see in your game, example: "[Optional] [All Versions] 60FPS Cap" to cap your game at 60fps to reduce mouse stutter.
  4. Extract the contents of the "Full" Mod archive to your Game Installation, and overwrite.
  5. Do the same for the latest Patch.
  6. Do also the same for the Optionals you may have selected.
  7. Start the game with the sw3cwEXP.exe OR the 8xFix.exe if you have downloaded that optional.


There are Optionals on this ModDB Mod's files section, but also inside a folder called (Optionals) inside the latest "Full" release, but also in the latest Patch release, which are basically just mini-addons which can either Add or Remove certain features of this Mod. Example: There is an "Enable.ArmorSimulation" and "Disable.ArmorSimulation" folder inside the latest full release, which can either Enable or Disable StarRover's Armor Simulation mod.

There are also Optional EXE's, which come with certain features.

the 8xFix.exe's removethe game restriction of the use of the 8x speed.

Meanwhile the .x64.exe's are just modified to be Large-Address-Aware.

*You should know: The Mod's 8xFix, x64 and standard modified exe is already included in the "Full" release.


In a scenario where your game has crashed, you got stuck, or it just has gone all to hell, you can Post your Issue to the Bugs section inside this Mod's Forum, or alternatively, to the 1C Company Forum mod-thread.

BE READY TO SUPPLY: (2)! of your Latest save-files, one preferably just seconds before the crash occurs, and one where you are atleast 2 systems away from the crash location. And also your LOGfile.txt after the game has crashed.

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