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Some instructions for installing the scene pack for ordinary non-steam TLD and Steam Workshop version, as well as some hints on how to combine this with another submod.

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If you've manually downloaded and installed TLD

  • Go to mod's directory. It is inside the "modules" subfolder within Warband's main directory.
  • Create a backup!
  • Unpack the scene pack's zip file into your TLD directory. It should ask if you want to overwrite existing files, allow that.
  • After applying a Nightly Patch, reinstall the submod over it. Please be aware that I only update the submod for new Steam Workshop versions, so any scenes changed by the Nightly Patches might be buggy.

If you've downloaded TLD via Steam Workshop

  • Go to the mod's directory. It should be here: \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\48700\299974223
  • Create a backup!
  • Unpack the scene pack's zip file into your TLD directory. It should ask if you want to overwrite existing files, allow that.
  • Updating your mod via Steam Workshop might cause problems if the new version changes certain files (see above). If that happens, check if I've already released a compatible version of the scene pack. Usually, this happens within a few days.

If you want to use the scene pack in combination with another submod

  • The best and safest way to incorporate this pack into another submod is by using the module system!
  • Most submods that I know of do not change the same files as the scene pack: module.ini, scenes.txt, scene_props.txt, flora_kinds (in the "/Data" subfolder). However, the scene pack also uses some assets that have only recently been added to vanilla TLD. If your submod is based on an older version of TLD, you need to manually add these assets:
  • Create a backup of your mod first!
  • Download the latest version of TLD:
  • Copy all BRF files from the "/Resource" subfolder that your mod is missing. That's most importantly all files starting with "iv_"
  • Do the same for all textures in "/Textures" associated with these BRF files, again, that's mainly those starting with "iv_". Use the programm "OpenBRF" to check which textures are referenced in the BRF files.
  • Compare your mod's module.ini with the one from my scene pack and add all load_mod_resource entries that are missing. That should be it.
  • If your submod changes the .txt files specified above, you need to know how to mod Warband via text editing or via the module system (only works if you have the submod's source files). The scene pack's source files are included in the zip file.
  • I do not grant any support if you've installed the scene pack along with another submod! Before asking for help, make sure that any problems you encounter also happen if using the scene pack with vanilla TLD!
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