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How to make Inifinite a inifinite loop in the CS2D Editor... Many of you have problems with making loops. So i decided to help you out a bit with your maps

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Some of you are interested of how to make a inifinite looping of triggers so im gonna explain how :

Loop it from start : (What you need & example)


Trigger_start - (Triggers : A)

trigger_delay - (Named : A - Triggers : B) 3 Seconds Delay
env_hurt - (Named : B)
trigger_delay - (Named : B - Triggers : C & B) 6 Seconds Delay
env_hurt - (Named : C)
trigger_delay - (Named : C - Triggers : D & C & A) 9 Seconds Delay
env_hurt (Named : D)

So there you go! A loop is made from the start of the round in the map... it will trigger the env_hurt in the places you want the env_hurt to be...

You can also do it with other triggers like : Trigger_Hit/Move/Use

I hope this helps you with the looping problems...

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Note : If this tutorial did not help you - I will add screenshots on how to do it...

By : Roster312

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