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Quake2xp contains built-in light editor. To get started, you need to assign keys to editor control.

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Quake2xp contains built-in light editor. To get started, you need to assign keys to editor control.

kbMy basic key binding, add in to xpconfig.cfg:

bind INS “spawnLight”
bind HOME “spawnLightToCamera”
bind END “saveLights”
bind DEL “removeLight”
bind LEFTARROW “moveLight_right -1″
bind RIGHTARROW “moveLight_right 1″
bind UPARROW “moveLight_forward 1″
bind DOWNARROW “moveLight_forward -1″
bind PGUP “moveLight_z 1″
bind PGDN “moveLight_z -1″
bind KP_MINUS “changeLightRadius -5″
bind KP_PLUS “changeLightRadius 5″
bind KP_INS “copyLight”
bind KP_DEL “unselectLight”


r_lightEditor <0-1> – enable-disable light editor

relightmap – load map and calculate lights from light surfaces (first run only)

editFlare <0-1> – toggle flare editing mode

spawnLight – Spawn light in aiming point
spawnLightToCamera – Spawn light in camera position
saveLights – Save all level lights
removeLight – Remove selected light
moveLight_right – Move light or corona by
moveLight_forward – Move light or corona by
moveLight_z - Move light or corona by
changeLightRadius – Scale light radius or corona size by
copyLight – Spawn copy of selected light
unselectLight – Unselect selected light
clearWorldLights – Remove all level lights
Detailed light setting



origin – light position
color – light color
speed – rotate speed (cube maps and direction)
radius – light radius
cone – light cone size for projectors
style – light style 0 – disable light style
filter – cube map light filter <1-36> 0 – disable filter
angles – light direction for projection lights
shadow – light can cast shadow <0-1>
ambient – ambient lighting mode <0-1>
flare – draw light corona <0-1>
flareSize – size of corona
flareOrigin – corona origin
target – target name <t***>
start_off – spawn inactive light <0-1>


I started to map with Quake xp and i'm very excited about it. Thank you for this great mod!
I tried the light editor and i got a questions.
The CopyLight command dosent seems to work (wich it can be useful!). I tried a lot of different speeling and it keep the Player to say: "CopyLight!" like when you mispell a command in Quake2.
Do you have any idea?
Thank you very much.

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Got it , its "CloneLight"

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Hello! I'm still crafting/maping a Sp mission exclusive for Quake Xp. I would like to know: Is there a way to put textures with holes in the map ( as grates, fences, etc) and decals in Quake xp? I tried the 255 pink color as the original engine recognize, but it don't work in xp. I found that the Xp engine process black textures as transparency, but still, the texture become full lit wich look bad, especialy in dark areas. Do you have any ideas? Thank you very much!

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