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Two Important Tips for Setting Up Servers. IMPORTANT NOTE: This tutorial will be updated regularly

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Tips for Server Setups:

- While Multiple Cores is a good thing to have, it is better to have Fewer, Higher Performance Cores than it is to have More, Lower Performance Cores.
So if you have the option, please go for Quality over Quantity:

- Solid-State Drives may have advantages of Hard-Disks, but they also have disavantages: They have lower storage densities than most modern Hard-Disks, they are very expensive, and they essentially die once they write and erase a certain number of files. So if you are upgrading from Hard-Disks to Solid-State Drives, or you currently have Solid-State Drives, I recommend making sure you have normal Hard-Disks for regular Back-Ups and also when Ultra-High speed is not a requirement.
You can also follow some tips to increase the Life-Span of your SSDs:

Once Solid-State Drives are just as cheap as Hard-Disks, they have comparable Storage Densities (for example, 2 Terabytes on a 2.5 Inch SSD), and don't have that major Life-Span problem, everyone will be able start using them. But that is for another time...

As stated in the description, this will be updated as I acquire more information, so please provide feedback.

~Amaroq Dricaldari

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So are u saying that I should buy an amd phantom x4 3.2Ghz instead of amd phantom x6 3.2Ghz? is where I plan on buying the CPUs.

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A little thing I like to call "Intel processors." ;) Much better...

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