Post tutorial RSS I have an understanding of the Whm in FFE:

Understanding FFE and the whm, all of its components.

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File name is up the top. :)

SSHR is the texture link.
TXTR is an internal texture.. Not listed. :)

SKEL is where the bones are. :)

MSGR/MSLC is where the objects are. :)
MSGR/MSLC-data is where the object data is. :)

User Posted Image

File name up the top again.

MARK is where the markers/helpers are noted.

ANIM is the location of animation files.
ANIM-data is where the information about the animation is. :)

User Posted Image

* MSGR-data Contains a list of the objects(MSGR/MSLC) in the MSGR(ref).

With editing these in file format editor, check links with other parts of the file as you could end up with Pink Bawkses too. :)

Enjoy.... :)

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