Post tutorial RSS I can Hijack Fx in the whe using FFE..

I can Hijack Fx in the whe using FFE and make a suitable alteration..

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Whe time...

Deleting FX:
User Posted Image

If you go to the events for the FX you want to remove.

You will see that the marker the fx is attached to is the head/Head bone..

So I made a FX that was empty and attached it. :)

Save and bail...

Now no more Halo. :)
User Posted Image

Adding FX:
User Posted Image

Get into the Celestians and copy chunk the Event "FX_HALO"
Paste chunk into the EVCT in the Heavy Bolter Whm.

Redo a fx for the HB HALO....

As you can see I changed the Marker it is attached to, to the eye piece as it is a Marker attached to the same bone as the one I want to duplicate.

Replace text on the Fx attached to the marker...

User Posted Image

The motion vis_body from the Celestians contains the correct fx.

So copy chunk in the celestians and paste chunk in the Heavy bolter variant.

Calling on the FX_Halo in the model all the time.

User Posted Image

Fx your heart out... I cant actually see anything that would stop FX being added as Combo FX combine multiple fx on one marker. :)


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