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A tutorial for some newbies asking "How to run UTMCoop"

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UTMCoop Tutorial
So, you're wondering how to start up UTMCoop?
I'll explain it to you:


Start up UT, click Options -> Player Options
Select your "Monster Playermodel"

Now click Game -> Start Practice Session

Click on "Mutators" and scroll down to the bottom until you'll see "UTMCoop".
Double click it, then select your gamemode and map and click Start! (And have fun ofcourse!)

Starting up a server with UTMCoop?

First of all, you need to set up the "Serverpackages",
Go into your UT System folder and find "unrealtournament.ini", then open it.
Then scroll down until you will see "Serverpackages".
Go to the bottom where the Serverpackages end,
and add this line: ServerPackages=UTMCoop
Make sure it has a space at the end of it... it should look like this:


Not like this:

Now go into the game and click Multiplayer -> Start a new Multiplayer game
Click on Mutators and scroll down until you will see "UTMCoop".
Double click "UTMCoop" to add it to the active mutators list.
Then select your gamemode and map and start the server!

And make sure you have forwarded your ports on your routers, click HERE.

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