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In this tutorial you can meet the basics of modding Bio Menace 1 shareware version. You can find several tools that helps you during modding. Patches are also included, which work properly and have been 100% tested. Moreover, you can find example files as well, which makes your work easier and more comfortable. And not least a tutorial can be found there, where you can read in segments how to mod loading screen, final screen, sounds, graphics, and many more.

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  • KeenGraph -> Graphic extracting and importing programme
  • Bm123Tli -> Tile resourcer editor for Bio Menace
  • LBioText -> Various text patch maker programme
  • KeenWave -> Sound and music "editor"
  • TED5 -> DOS-based level editor that was used for making levels in Bio Menace
  • The Omegamatic (Bio Menace version) -> Windows-based level editor
  • Patches -> Almost all of the text patches + a non-text patch
  • Tutorial (in segments)

NOTE: Since Commander Keen 4-6 and Bio Menace use the same game engine, that's why the tools could be rewritten in order to mod Bio Menace. These are the followings:

  1. KeenGraph
  2. Bm123Tli - Ck456Tli
  3. LBioText - LText
  4. KeenWave
  5. The Omegamatic (Bio Menace version) - The Omegamatic (Commander Keen version, original)

Exception: TED5; as it's an official level editor has been written by id Software.

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