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so, how to map for CSZE ? thats really easy. we'll see in this tutorial how to

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HOW TO MAP FOR: Counter-Strike: Zombie Extermination

The first thing to know is that CSZE is a Mod using CS:S base, so the mapping is identical, if you try to place any BSP from CS:S, it will work, the only thing which change is:

  • The Player Spawns : 4 for Exterminators (info_player_counterterrorist) and 30 for Zombies (info_player_terrorist)
  • Do not add Hostages, Bomb Spots, Terrorist buyzones (optional)


well, now some tips:

  • Placing Zombies spots in different places makes a harder the game-play
  • Use Explosive Oil-drums (prop_physic_multiplayer with: models\props_c17\oildrum001_explosive.mdl) like i've done in csze_dust2
  • Rescues Zones stimulate Zombies, sometimes they will camp them
  • Tighter spaces are nice for A LOT OF KILLS! add some like in csze_office

Have a nice mapping, i hope this helped ^^

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