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I will be teaching you how to make nazi zombie portable maps easily. I tried very hard to make this noob friendly and so that anyone could understand it.

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Most Tutorials may be hard to follow, or just outdated(older versions). If you dont know where to start just look here.
What you need to get started is(all downloads are direct):
Quake Adapter(for newest version 3.3):
Kurok Texture:

Installing them:
Install Worldcraft first then install Quake Adapter(when the adapter finishes uncheck start worldcraft quake and exit).
Kurok Texture can go anywhere just remember the file location for later.
NZP FDG can go anywhere as well just remember the file location.

Setting up Worldcraft:
Go to the Tools Tab and then click option(for some it may have a pop up when you start worldcraft , just click no). Now once your in the options menu , click game configuration and click the edit button next to the "Configuration:" box. Click add and type the name of the game your making the map for(in our case its NZP so just type "NZP"), After double click on the NZP title in the Config Box(Should appear when you click done after typing the name).For Game Data File, Click Add and find your NZP FDG(if you ever move the FDG it may mess up the path for worldcraft when finding the FDG).
For this part, your gonna be putting paths for Worldcraft.
Game Executable Directory: C:\Users\(USER)\Desktop\pc version(or where ever you put the NZP folder)
Mod Directory: C:\Users\(USER)\Desktop\pc version\nzp
Game Directory: C:\Users\(USER)\Desktop\pc version\nzp
RMF Directory:(RMF is for where all the map files will go, for me i put a folder named CMAPS on the desktop)
And you are done with that tab!(its that simple :))
Now click Build Programs tab, this tab is easy if you follow my directions.
Configuration should be NZP if not fix it.
This part is more paths but very easy:
Game Executable: C:\Users\(USER)\Desktop\pc version\Nazi Zombies Portable.exe
CSG Executable: C:\Program Files\Worldcraft\quaketools\nomapversion.exe
BSP Executable: C:\Program Files\Worldcraft\quaketools\txqbsp.exe
VIS Executable: C:\Program Files\Worldcraft\quaketools\vis.exe
RAD Executable:C:\Program Files\Worldcraft\quaketools\light.exe
Compiled Maps(Last box,Compiles BSP and other stuff): (in my case its)C:\Users\(USER)\Desktop\CMAPS
Next part is VERY easy.Go to Textures Tab.
Just find your Kurok texture and put it in with the add button.

Now you are ready to start mapping(make sure you click apply and then okay)!
Click File, and then New.

Hope this tutorial helped!

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