Post tutorial RSS How to make custom weapon selection icons for your favourite BF2 weapons

This tutorial is only the basics of weapon selection icon making ( My first tutorial ) :)

Posted by on - Basic UI/HUD

1. Load your weapon in bfmeshviewer
2. Rotate it to your liking
3. Set bfmeshviewer's background colour to something not near of anything that comes near to your weapon
4. Use Snipping tool to copy the weapon
5. Paste the image in GIMP ( Download here: )
6. Use select by color tool, select the background and delete it
7. Copy the picture and paste as new layer on this template that is included
8. Resize to your liking and merge the layers
9. Export as a BC3 / DXT5 .dds file

Download Template:
Please note that you need the .dds extension for GIMP ( Download here: )
If you struggle making weapon icons drop me a PM and I'll make you some


Very good thanks!

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thank you!!

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requested additionals:
Tutorial for Photoshop made by Demon_from_pripyat

Different ways to remove background in GIMP:

Choose background color

Take a color that is not included in the weapon model and got high contrast to the weapon colors

Make new image with a transparent background

Select color with the color select tool and remove it

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Ironclad2014 Author

Thank you for adding those. I did this tutorial many years back just as a base to help people do their own icons, but didn't think about images. I can embed them in the tutorial if you'd like?

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Will this work if i edit an icon in mobile and convert it to dds using dds converter?

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