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How to make an automatic door that opens for you similar to a supermarket.

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Tutorial written by Bug2U on the Nihilistic official forum. Mirrored here for archival purposes.

ok, step by step then. First, when other people that I have helped have had problems getting scripts to show up, it usually has been that they are not using compatible versions of the game and SDK. You should make sure that if you have the patched version of the game, you also have the updated SDK 1.1. Links to both the patch and the SDK are in the left bar.

If you have the same versions, follow these steps to make an automatic door. Create your door as you would any other door. (In other words, make a brush, size and subtract it, then use Quick Doors, Door from the context menu.)

Drag the path corner that is created when you create the door to the point to which you want the midpoint of the door to move.

Right click in the 2d grid and select region from the context menu... that's the region that isn't capitalized. Size the region brush so that it covers the area that you want to trigger the door (in other words, in front of the door, etc.). Then with your region still selected, open the things and templates editor (N) and find trigger_region under global.not/regions. Highlight trigger_region and press the "Apply Template" button.

Now, go back to the door you created earlier and select it. In the things and templates editor, click on the Overrides Tab and type DoorRegion in the script box, replace whatever is there. Hit the Apply Script button and then click once in the 2D grid and hit Shift + C to bring up the codex linker.

In the codex linker, under the parameters tab, there should be a blank space in the value column (Type says thing, Description says Region). Click once in the blank value, and then shift+click on your region in the camera view. You should see a pink-purple line appear between your door and region, signifying that the region will trigger the opening of the door.

If you get to the Codex Linker stage, and there are no values at all in the parameters tab, click on the view tab, then back to parameters. If that still doesn't show anything, then you have a problem with the editor finding your scripts. The last time I saw that happen was because of what I mentioned above, different version of the game and editor. If your versions are the same, it is possible that you may have to extract the java classes manually to the Codex directory. Although never had to do this on my system, I know that other people have.

I hope that this helps to straighten out your problems, I'm sorry that the links that I provided did not.

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