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This is how to install the mod by tantavanhouven(facebook:Tanta Outsider).

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How to install:
stp1)open the .rar archive
stp2)extract it to directory where yuri's revenge installed
stp3)open ModExe.exe
stp4)select file (in top left of the ModExe)then load ini
stp5)select hacks.yr.ini
stp6)select file then load exe
stp7)select gamemd.exe
stp8)select this features to enable (right click the feature then set modified)
- Disable EA Logo
- Graphics Patcher
- Lone Player Skirmish
- Lone Player LAN
- Better LAN Netcode
- Better LAN Netcode(Lower Frame)
- Text color in main menu (set it into purely white(R=255,G=255,B=255))
stp9)exit ModExe.exe
then,play it.

Note: Replace the original gamemd.exe file to modified gamemd.exe file in rar to ensure all the tutorials up there are appliable.

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