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Here is how to install this mod its not very difficult! hurray!

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Ok so here it goes!

1. A CD is required for when StarCraft was on patch 1.15.1 or lower. There is a no CD Patch however, but I don't know where to find one. I'm not sure if ISO's will work either, I will see to it to make my own from my CD and see if it works eventually.

2. download SCD 3 to downgrade ti 1.15.1. I'm pretty sure there is a download for it somewhere here on Moddb but i forget where if you find it lemme know.

3.Now, when you click on the mod .exe file, you should get a file open selector thingy... on widnows, If your running mac you probably can't play the mod in the first place. When that window pops up you can select StarCraft.exe or StarEdit.exe to run the game, or to run it in Campaign Editor.

4. Enjoy the mod!


Witch one do you need, 1.15.1 or 1.15.0? Which is better?

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I thought it was supposed to be 1.15.1 and not 1.15.0
Can someone tell me which one is correct version?

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Templarfreak Author

when you click on the Firegraft icon which is a Self Executing Patch it opens up a window and in that window you can either select the starcraft.exe or the StarEdit.exe

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Starcraft Version Selector will work for it don't worry

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