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or "Why am i getting error/terminator? why the damn thing aint working?"

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This aint really hard, but it can get hard for those who dont know russian.

So right here i am going to explain how to install it for you guys in english.

Pre-1: 'game folder' is where your game is installed.
Assuming you got retail version, it should default at something like
C:\program files\best way\Men of war:assault squad
Assuming you, like me, got steam version, it is in
-your steam folder-\steamapps\common\men of war assault squad\

Step 1: Ensure you have Men of War: Assault Squad 2.00.11 installed.
Might sound obvious, but i dont want 1.96.6 or below users complain about it.

Step 2: Download the
The main batch of files is there, so its around 1 gigabyte.
Since now dowload is based on ModDB, shouldnt take very long.

Step 3: Extract
Extract Cold War folder into gamedir\mods\
(gamedir - see Pre-1)

Step 4: Download the 1.4.9
So now we got main files up and running, but if you would try to run it now you would most likely get a crash. So, go for 1.4.9 patch

Step 5: Install
This is where it gets difficult, installer is in russian.
But as long as you follow Далее and установить you should be fine.
The directory it asks you for by the way is your game directory.

Step 6: Language
Assuming you are a russian, or speak russian, you are set.
But, seeing this is modDB, odds are you arent, so you should go ahead and download
1.4.9 English patch.
It also contains minor fixes for 1.4.9 that developer will include into 1.5 release.
Install it just the same way you did in step 3.

Step 7: Done!
We are set now! you can start getting a taste of the mod now,
And expect more than what you get! full translation is on its way and you wont be disappointed
when you will get to play CW mod in full english :D
So in the game, you will need to enable 2 mods
Cold War
Cold War (English)

If you get random errors during the gameplay process, try to reduce your graphics settings, turning grass/shadows off and setting textures to medium usually helps


WHERE is the English Patch?

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WHERE is the English Patch?

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vitmercury Author

english patch temporary uploaded to sharesend and pending authorization on moddb

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you forgot the MODS folder

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