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Need help installing? We can help you! -made by Neil

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Well, this isnt the type of mod that is a whole seperate game for steam.
Its the kind where you take the files and put them in your already existing game folder. So, on to it shall we?

Info1: inside the Winrar pack there are 2 folders, and a readme. Now, the Readme helps to, but if your really lost, check this stuff out and ill help you.

For Half-Life: Source

Step 1: Download the pack and open it

Step 2: Open the Half-Life: Source folder

Step 3:Take the Sound, and Script folder's and place them in
Steamapps\username\Half-Life: Source\Hl1

Done for HL:Source!

For Half-Life

Step 1: Download the pack and open it

Step 2: Open the Half-Life

Step 3: Take the Sound folder and place it in

Done for Half-Life!

To play

Step 1: Start either

Half-life or HL: Source


Have fun, hope this helped

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