Post tutorial RSS How to Install Lost and Dead on a cellphone!

Here is a tutorial showing how to install LaD on a cellphone!

Posted by on - Basic Installers

Hi KillerS! Well, today I am showing how to install lad or *Half-Life* on your cell phone/android device!

First, you're gonna need to go to your play store and download *Xash 3d*

Second, connect your cell phone to your computer and pass your *Half-Life* valve folder to cell phone one, wen you have finnaly passed, download *LaD* to your cellphone and put all in a folder like ex:(xash3d/valve) (xash3d/LaD) then open your *Xash 3d*/ advanced and put *-game lad* and all done!!

PS. This also work whit other mods.... like counter-strike, afraid of monsters..... etc

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