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----- ===== Installation ===== ----- 1. Installation for PC users 2. Installation for Mac users 3. Installing music packs.

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----- ===== Installation ===== -----

1. Installation for PC users

Unpack the archive to any folder on your computer. Run "ContraLauncher" file.
Select language and music you wish and click "Launch" button. Launcher will
automaticly locate the game, copy all necessary files and launch Zero Hour.
When you exit the game launcher automaticly deletes all Contra files from
Zero Hour folder.

Launcher has the option - "Leave the mod attached to Zero hour on exit".
It tells it don't to delete Contra files from Zero Hour folder. If
files are not deleted then the mod stays attached to the game and you can
start it without launcher - just start the game. Contra will start automaticly.

If you want to deattach Contra from Zero Hour then start the Contra launcher
and click "Exit" button.

WARNING: It is strongly recommended! Do not to move, copy, delete or change
content of Contra and Zero Hour files manually. It will definitely cause
serious troubles such as crashes, network mismatch errors and other problems.

2. Installation for Mac users

Since Launcher is not compatible with Mac OS, you have to copy Contra files
manually. To do so, copy following files and folders from Contra mod into your
Generals Zero Hour folder:

Data (whole folder)

Some of these files are already existing in your Generals Zero Hour. It is
recomended to backup original files before overwriting them.

3. Installing music packs.

Contra music packs are packages which contain alternative music for Contra.
Music packs will not work in conjection with with any other mod as well as
with original game. They work with contra only. Also you can not have more
than one music pack attached to the game at a time.

Music packs are available for download on official Contra web site:

Once you download it, place it into Contra folder and run Contra Launcher.
It will automaticly detect available music and suggest you to choose one
of the packs.

If you are Mac user then you can not run Contra Launcher. In such a case you
will have to copy music pack manually to Generals Zero Hour folder. Remember
that it must not be several music pack installed at a time. So, make sure that
none of other music packs is installed. Remember that the file !Contra006Music.big
is music pack too.

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