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A tutorial on how get a server running with the mod Suicide Survival 1.1

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Since the update to the new Steam version players who want to host a Suicide Survival server with the "Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server" tool are greeted with the following error message: SetupArrayProps_R: array prop '(null)' is at index zero.

The reason for this is that the engine build used by the Orange Box DSes on Steam (one for TF2 and each of the Steamworks mods) differs from the one that Suicide Survival was built with (the 2007 SDK code). However there is a solution:

This is a step-by-step guide on how to host your own dedicated server. PS: this will probably also work for other mods with the same problem.


Download the HLDS Update Tool, which installs a standalone dedicated server. This doesn't require Steam to be running, but also doesn't read data that Steam has downloaded -- meaning that it requires a separate install of the game your are running from, including all textures and sounds. If you don't have 2.5GB free space on your hard drive you're out of luck.

Once downloaded run the hlsdupdatetool.exe and choose a install directory on your hard drive.


Getting the necessary files to run the server:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Go to Start, Run and type "cmd" (minus quotes) and press enter.
  3. Change to the directory where the HLDS Update Tool is installed.
    If you're unfamiliar with the commands here is exactly what you'll have to type:
    > cd c:\
    > cd (the install directory usually its HLServer so type: cd hlserver)
  4. Run the HLDS Update Tool with the "update" command:
    > hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game hl2mp -dir .

    (-dir) is the path where you want the files installed e.g. " ." (for the current directory) or "c:\hlserver"

  5. After its done run the update command again for a different game:
    > hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game orangebox -dir .
  6. Once it's done downloading all the files go to step three.

    For further info regarding the use of the hldsupdatetool.exe check the readme file inside the hlserver folder.


Copy the SuicideSurvival Folder into the orangebox directory you just created with the hldsupdatetool.exe.

In most cases this would be: c:\hlserver\orangebox\hlserver


Create a Server.cfg file. This file a simple text file which save config variables for the server. Here is a simple example config file:

hostname "the name of your server"
rcon_password "pick an admin password"

// Gameplay
mp_flashlight 0
mp_fraglimit 50
mp_timelimit 40
mp_falldamage 30
mp_teamplay 1

// Server Cvars
sv_lan 0
sv_region 255
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 1
net_maxfilesize 60
sv_voiceenable 1
sv_alltalk 1
sv_maxrate 7000
sv_minrate 2000
sv_maxupdaterate 30
sv_minupdaterate 10

fps_max 100

Copy and paste the above text into a textfile and save it as: "Server.cfg" inside the HLServer\orangebox\SuicideSurvival\cfg directory.

If you want to know what each command does check this console command list from Valve.


Well you're almost there. One final step to starting your server is to make a shortcut of it and pass some commands along when launching it:

  1. go to the Orangebox directory: HLServer\orangebox\
  2. Right-click on the "srcds.exe" and choose: "create a shortcut"
  3. Right-Click on the shortcut file and choose: "settings"
  4. In the field "target" add the following at the end of it: -game suicidesurvival
    So it reads: C:\HLServer\orangebox\srcds.exe -game suicidesurvival
  5. Hit the OK button.

Voila! Your done. Double-click on the shortcut file and you should see the launch window for the dedicated server.

If you have any questions or encounter some errors leave a comment below. If your running a server regularly feel free to advertise your server in the forum.


JUDAS. please keep developing this. i will give you a cookie. i'll give you a dolar, dam i'll give you a euro.

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I will, I will, I promise :)

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A Euro! He's serious, man!

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I have the feeling that we will have a few European servers, from now on. =)

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Cool. Think this will be played on my next lan. Yeah, its still alive. Awesome!

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Glad to hear this is alive! Can't wait to play with exploding shrubs again!

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it's alive. omg

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Hey I remember you! :)

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Help plz-have anybody own server?give me plz!

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