Post tutorial RSS how to get started with a howitzer

first of all sorry about my bad english i will try to make as simple as possible.

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i do no about its a fail or something but these american howitzers are produce men by it self any more (realism)

1.step construct it
2.step have a team ready

3.step get the team to use one of them.

eventuelly have a halftrack ready to heal the squad

Done. Update for axis howitzer being removed because we cant construct it.

Reborn:X - - 3,456 comments

I beg your pardon?.

Is this supposed to be somekind of a very lame joke or are seriously taking us for a bunch of imbeciles?.

This newspost wins in loling scale.

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QuakeRiley - - 1,853 comments

This is a sign that he is also useless, he can't copy and paste the US howitzer in the game.

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