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The easiest way to join the MUSH is follow our instructions and install a client. its a quick way to get your questions answered and be on the way to starting a character. If you are ready to get settled then follow the steps below!

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The easiest way to join the MUSH is to click on the following link. Though it is java and not very dependable sometimes, its a quick way to get your questions answered and be on the way to starting a character. If you are ready to get settled then follow the steps below!

Step 1: The Client. This is the program that lets you connect to the servers that host MUSHes (or other text based games) from your own computer. This can be done with a program called TELNET, but these are far more user-friendly. Google is a useful tool, and by typing in 'mush client' you will be flooded with a list of many clients to choose from. Let's start with one that's the most familiar, and biasedly easy to use, client. SimpleMU.

Downloading the Client: Finding One: Internet connection (needed to play a MUSH anyway, and without that, you wouldn't be reading this). Google will point you to the site as well by putting in the name, but the site for it is When using google, don't click immediately onto the site link, there is a download link that will direct you straight to download and start the download. After three computers traded/sold/destroyed due to old age and all of them having SimpleMU on them each for the duration of their abused lifespans, SimpleMU has never given the writer of this a virus, bug, or otherwise malicious software problem. Alternatively you can download mushclient, which comes highly recommended (available on our download page!)

If it does, there is a support link as well and several places you can report malware practitioners to online and at your local police department's cybercrime divisions. No joke.Download/Installation: So, after the download (it's pretty quick, relatively small file) there is an installation wizard. Everything as it is is defaulted to english speaking, minimum requirements setup. You can also patch in a thesaurus if you really want the flashy wordplay later on. But for the most part, your noggin and are all you need.Linking to the Game: To get yourself onto NMR2.0 (we're in the second generation of the game, yay!) once you have SimpleMU up and running (might ask you to restart your computer, and use the deskop shortcut), in the upper lefthand corner is the word 'File' with the 'F' underlined. Almost identical in most ways to Microsoft programs of any other nature. Under File, the SECOND selection will read 'NEW CONNECTION WIZARD'.

Once you do this, a new window will pop up asking for 'site address'. Don't worry, you don't have to put your street address and noone will come looking for you (except maybe to party). This is what tells the client to connect to, and that address is like putting in '' into your web browser to get you to the website for google. Same concept.In the site address box type: Next box will pop up, port number. This is merely what the client and it's software will use to connect to the right port that the server has set up for the game to use. it's like the /blah at the end of a website address for a specific page.In the port number box type: 7568NOTE: If the port number or the site address (not case sensitive) are incorrect, you cannot connect. Please ensure they are correct before proceeding.***Next box will be three selector buttons. Only one can be clicked/selected. Choose MUSH/MUX/MOO.

And just so it's clear, MUX and MOO are just different types of text based games. They are similiar enough to MUSH games that SimpleMU client recognizes and processes all of them the same way.Select the button next to MUSH/MUX/MOO, and click next.New site name. Simple enough. Here you can write whatever you want that will remind you what you are connecting to. At some points, boredom kicks in, and you go searching high and low for a high-paced extreme action 'kill everything in sight with a chainsaw' text game! Alas, the last five you made a connection link to are all down, or empty, or you lose interest after five minutes. This can get confusing with ten or more names in that list, so please, name carefully.

For this example, let's name it: Naruto MushSimple, right?After you click 'Finish', SimpleMU will automatically connect you to the MUSH. (Later connections, you simple click the GREEN monitor button JUST BELOW THE FILE MENU, and a drop-down list will appear with all, or just the one, name(s) of the places you have made a connection to. Click the one you want and voila!)In the MUSH:You have two choices. You can connect as a GUEST, or you can create a character.

Advice: If you connect as a GUEST, use +p to talk, and people online will be more than happy to greet you, gnom, glomp, squeezehug, or many other fanciful greeting actions.To connect as simply a guest, type 'connect guest' (without the '').To create your own character, type create name password. Now, a character with the name of 'Name' would be japanese-ish, as 'Nah-meh', but it might be taken. So think of a japanese name that DOES NOT COME FROM A POPULAR ANIME. I repeat: DOES NOT COME FROM A POPULAR ANIME. It's not allowed, sorry Sasuke fans. And from there, follow on screen instructions, and can't wait to see you there!

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