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Stuck trying to get this mod working? Unsure what sourceport or version you should be using? Read on and find out whether or not you're doing something catastrophically wrong. ;)

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So you've decided to check out Blocks of Doom II? Great! If you've already downloaded it and are not sure what to do with it, here's a quick tutorial to clue you in. Those not familiar with ZDoom's internal builds (or the sourceport in general) may be left a bit stumped, so I've labelled it as "intermediate". Hopefully you won't have too much trouble with these steps, though.

  1. Type into your address bar (or just click on that link).
  2. On the left-hand column, move down to "ZDoom", and click "Builds".
  3. Click on the file right at the top of the list that appears. This is the absolute latest subversion of ZDoom. Several of these get posted a week so you'll have a very recent subversion.
  4. Wait for the file to download, then unzip the contents of it to a new directory on your hard drive. Call it ZDoomSVN or something to avoid conflicts with any official versions of ZDoom you might have installed.
  5. Since the Blocks of Doom II .wad file can't run stand-alone, you'll need a Doom 2 IWAD. Every self-respecting Doom player should already have one in their possession, at least on a Doom 2 CD (in which case you can just ctrl-drag the DOOM2.WAD file to a location on your computer somewhere). If you don't have a DOOM2.WAD file or a CD handy, you can get it off Steam.
  6. Make sure the file called DOOM2.WAD is in your new directory (I called it ZDoomSVN).
  7. Extract the contents of whatever version of Blocks of Doom II you downloaded, also to this new directory.
  8. In the directory, you should see a file called j-blocks2v**.wad (with ** being the current version number). You should also see a file called zdoom.exe. Drag the .wad file onto the .exe.
  9. BAM! You're playing Blocks of Doom II! :D If you're having problems with the controls or mouse sensitivity or brightness and such, be sure to go into the Options menu and customize everything to your will.
  10. Post on the ZDoom forums or our development forums about how great it is! :D (You are not obligated to do this.)

This should set you right up to playing Blocks of Doom II. If you have any other queries, fire away.

(More tutorials will be up soon. :P)

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