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Flickering light Blueprints, such as 'BP_Bulb_flickering_Spot2' will crash the game when loaded. This tutorial will guide you through how to make them function in game.

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How To Fix Flickering Lights

Step One: Opening The Blueprint

To start off you're going to want to double click on any flickering light Blueprint. Then an editor window will open and you should see something like this.

The Blueprint editing page.

Step Two: Navigating to 'GetLight'

You are going to want to navigate to the tab named 'GetLight'. This contains the nodes that make the bulb actually produce light when powered.

The 'GetLight' tab.

If you notice, 'Spot' (May be named 'SpotLight' on your end) is not connected to the blue link named Light on 'Return Node'.

Step Three: Connecting 'Spot' To 'Light'

You can hold down the left mouse button on the link on 'SpotLight' and connect it to 'Light'. This will create something looking like this:

If you have the following, you can press the compile button on the top bar.

If it returns with a green check, you can press save and exit out of the editor window once it is finished saving. If it returns with a red minus sign, troubleshoot the issues with the info given out at the bottom tab of the screen. If it does return green however, you've just fixed the flickering light blueprint! Feel free to make this change to the other flickering lights too.

If you need any help, or just want to say this tutorial helped, let me know in the comments below!

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