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Lag/Respawn Fix

1) Go into your Blood 2 directory.
2) Open the AUTOEXEC.CFG file with NOTEPAD.
3) Change the number in the command "UpdateRate" "" to "3" and save the file.
4) Play some MP Blood and see how it goes.

Freezes on 'Loading...' screen ('Loading' at bottom of screen)
-You don't have the same .rez mod that the server is using. Get the most recent version of the modification and add it using the Blood 2 'customize' button on the launcher.

ERROR - Unable to Setup the Network Game
-The server could be down. (ping listed at 9999 in Gamespy) Choose a different server and see if that helps.

-Try adding this to the command line under Advanced Options:
+IPDevice 1

If that doesn't work, try:
+IPDevice 2

-If you're using Gamespy, I'd also suggest updating the server list (right click on the button marked "GameSpy Network" and then choose "Update") and see if that resolves the problem.

-Try downloading and installing DUN 1.3 first, then try getting the 2.0 version of Winsock from Microsoft and see if that helps!

"Connection Rejected" error window
The Connection Rejected message either means:

-The Server is full. Wait until someone leaves the server and try joining the game again.

-The Client (you) lacks a Custom map currently running on the server. You'll need to get the Custom Level that is running and join the game again.

ERROR - Unable to join because the game server is a different version or a different game
-You tried to join the Blood 2 demo server with the retail version of the game. Check Gamespy's command line to insure that the version (retail or demo) of the game you are launching is similar to that of the server.

ERROR - Disconnected from server
The Disconnect from Server message either means:

-The Client lacks a Custom map that the server is loading/playing. You'll need to get the Custom map and load it into the Blood 2 directory before joining that server.

-The Server went offline. Choose a different server and try joining a new game.

Game crashes on map switch
The Client's loaded .rez file doesn't match the server's. Verify that you've only got the mod you want to use and set it to load in the Blood 2 customize window.

The black 'Shogo' window shows up then closes.
The Client (you) is using the UAMC1 mod to join a server. Remove the mod from the 'Customize' menu on the launcher and try and reconnect again.

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